Squabble – Wordle in Battle Royale Mode
February 21, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Can’t quite get enough of Wordle? Then check out Squabble. It is basically Wordle…but in battle royale format. That’s right, Squabble allows up to 99 players to guess the right five-letter word in six attempts.

But given the battle royale format of Squabble, you’ll be given a new word if you successfully guessed the first one. This will continue until everyone else is eliminated, and you can even deal damage when you guessed the correct word.

Of course, the reverse is also applicable; you’ll take damage if you guessed wrong. Players also take one damage every second, so you’ll have to guess the right word before your “HP” goes down to zero.

You can also create your own multiplayer game in Squabble. The same rule applies, though you do have to make sure you start the “right” game mode. There are Blitz and Royale: the former only supports two to five players, while Royale – as its name suggests – requires between six to 99 players.

You can give Squabble a shot right here. Do note that it is still in beta, so you may come across some bugs.