I Want This Nvidia GeForce RTX Artisan Keycap, But I (Probably) Won’t Get It
February 15, 2022 Andrew Cheng

We’ve seen some pretty interesting artisan keycaps in the past, and now, even Nvidia wants a piece of the action. Enter the company’s new “GeForce RTX” keycap, an artisan keycap finished in brushed aluminium, and I want one.

Unfortunately, this artisan keycap is not for sale (boo). Instead, the GeForce RTX keycap is a limited edition community reward. In order to win it, you’ll have to keep a close eye on Nvidia’s social media pages, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

In fact, the giveaway is happening right now on Nvidia’s Twitter and Instagram pages. All you have to do is just retweet (or like the post on Instagram), and reply with a game you want to see remastered with RTX graphics. What’s the selection criteria? Well, the company is “looking for anyone who has a passion for games, graphics, and technology in our replies.”

According to Nvidia, there will be “plenty of giveaways and opportunities to win (the GeForce RTX artisan keycap) over the next few months.” If you want to try your luck, keep a close eye on Nvidia’s social media pages.