Get This Durian Artisan Keycap From Royal Selangor for RM359
February 8, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Royal Selangor, known for its range of pewter-based products, is releasing an artisan keycap shaped after one of Malaysia’s most iconic fruits: the durian. Done in collaboration with local keyboard vendor Rebult Keyboards, this is the first-ever artisan keycap (made of pewter, of course) Royal Selangor is releasing.

So how much does this Durian artisan keycap from Royal Selangor costs? A cool RM359. Artisan keycaps, believe it or not, can demand a lot of money; sometimes more than the cost of a complete custom keyboard. With that in mind, this pewter durian keycap is not priced (too) exorbitantly.

Of course, the Royal Selangor Durian keycap is a limited edition product: only 200 units are available for sale. Each one of them will also come with its own numbered authentication card (and special packaging) from Royal Selangor.

However, as mentioned, this is the first time Royal Selangor is making such a keycap, so there are some imperfections that are considered acceptable. Due to how the mold to produce the keycap is constructed, the base is slightly off-centre, resulting in a larger gap between the Durian keycap and the key to the right when it’s installed on a keyboard.

There’s also a slight “spillover” appearance between the base of the keycap and the durian sculpture itself, which is attributed to its shape and casting process.

Nonetheless, there’s no denying that this Royal Selangor Durian artisan keycap is a unique offering, even with its RM359 price tag. There’s also the fact that it is completely made in Malaysia, so if you’re interested to grab it, you can do so on 19 February at 10PM on Rebult Keyboards’ online store.