Mihoyo Teases Kamisato Ayato – Playable in Genshin Impact 2.6?
February 7, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Mihoyo is teasing a new character for Genshin Impact ahead of schedule! The new character is none other than the highly anticipated Kamisato Ayato, which should be playable in the Version 2.6 update.

As his name suggests, Kamisato Ayato is related to Kamisato Ayaka. As the head of the Kamisato Clan, he is said to be a “low-profile and graceful” individual, and that he is “not a fan of public appearances and does not seek to show his skills overtly,” as Mihoyo describes him. You can even catch a glimpse of him in the video below.

Like Mihoyo’s previous character teasers, only some details of Ayato have been revealed. He is confirmed to be a Hydro character, and chances are, he will be a 5-star unit. Although he is wielding a sword in the teaser image, it’s entirely possible he uses a different weapon. Tartaglia, for example, also wields a sword and polearm in his melee form, but he’s actually a bow user.

We’ll find out for sure if Kamisato Ayato will be a playable character in Genshin Impact 2.6 as we approach closer to the release of the new update. The Version 2.5 update goes live on 16 February, so it’s possible Version 2.6 will be released sometime in late March 2022.