Keychron Q9 Product Page Live – Split Keyboard From $149
January 21, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Yes, Keychron is releasing yet another keyboard in the Q series. This time, it’s the Keychron Q9 with an unconventional (but more ergonomic) split layout, and it may be available as early as next month.

According to the product page of the Q9, it will be available between February to May 2022, which is…an oddly long timeframe. Just like other keyboards in the Q series, the barebone kit will be priced at $149 (about RM625), while the fully assembled version will go for $169 (approximately RM705).

Beyond its unique split layout, other specifications of the Q9 should be similar to other keyboards in the Q series. These include a gasket mounting system, full aluminium body, VIA-compatible hotswap PCB, support for screw-in stabilisers, and even a knob at the top right corner.

A split keyboard is not a particularly popular layout, so it’s great to see that Keychron will use the unconventional layout with the Keychron Q9. Hopefully, the keyboard will be released sooner rather than later.