Carian Salvation Will Miss Q1 2022 Shipment – Free Hard Case Upgrade
January 19, 2022 Andrew Cheng just posted an update on the production status of the Salvation custom keyboard. Previously estimated to start shipping sometime in Q1 2022 – which was already delayed from Q4 2021 – the keyboard will unfortunately miss this timeframe. The good news? All orders of the Salvation will now come with a free (custom made) hard case.

Currently, 2,500 Salvation cases have been machined by Salvun, which is the amount of pre-orders that were placed; a respectable figure for a custom keyboard. However, these cases still need to be anodised, which is one of the reasons for the delay.

“However, due to the delays getting the anodising process to consistently produce finishes to the level that Salvun (and more importantly, the customers) expect, the plan to have the majority of the cases anodised already has not been achieved,” said Wilba on his Discord channel and Salvun’s.

Aside from that, there is a slight redesign of the Salvation’s internal as well. This involves the silicon rubber standoffs, which have a tendency to slide off the leaf spring over time. To address this, mount pins will be used to keep these standoffs in place.

While it’s unfortunate that the Salvation is further delayed, it’s great that Wilba and Salvun are prioritising the quality of the custom keyboard; it’s also a tall task to produce so many keyboards during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. At the moment, anodisation of the Salvation is expected to be completed in March or April 2022.