CannonKeys Bakeneko65 Goes on Sale Tomorrow – O-Ring Gasket Keyboard for $145
January 7, 2022 Andrew Cheng

If you’ve been waiting for CannonKeys to release a 65% version of the affordable Bakeneko60, good news: the Bakeneko65 will go on sale tomorrow as an in-stock product. Naturally, the budget-friendly nature of the keyboard is retained too.

There are several variants of the Bakeneko65. The painted and powder coated versions cost $145 (about RM610), while the “special” powder coated variant – it has a glossier, smoother finish – goes for $150 (around RM630). By default, both versions come with a silicone insert, but you can add $20 (about RM85) to get a zinc internal weight.

Just like the Bakeneko60, the slightly bigger Bakeneko65 features a gasket-mounting system: an o-ring is used to friction fit the plate and PCB assembly inside the case. This is effectively a gasket-mount design, and depending on the “hardness” of the o-ring, you can get a soft or firm typing experience.

Other items bundled together with the Bakeneko65 include a hotswap PCB, an FR4 plate, Cherry clip-in stabilisers, and even a carrying case. You can also get a solderable PCB and o-rings of different hardness as add-ons if you so desire.

The Bakeneko65 will go on sale on 9 January at 12AM (tomorrow midnight, basically) for us here in Malaysia. You can purchase the keyboard on CannonKeys’ online store.