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2022 Proton Persona – The Premium Variant Is the Best Choice

Launched alongside the 2022 Proton Iriz is its sedan counterpart, the 2022 Proton Persona facelift. Though it doesn’t get a brand new variant like the Iriz Active, the updated B-segment sedan does look quite a bit more premium than the pre-facelift model, especially the interior.

If you can afford to, the best model of the Persona to get is the range-topping Premium variant. Not just because it get all the bells and whistles, of course: in my opinion, it also offers the best value for money. Read on to find out why.

The Price Difference Is Worth Paying

Let’s break down the prices of the 2022 Persona. The 1.6 Standard goes for RM45,200, while the 1.6 Executive costs RM50,100. The range-topping 1.6 Premium, on the other hand, is priced at RM54,900. Do note that these prices are with sales tax exemption applied, which is valid until 31 December 2021.

Looking at the feature set of these three variants, you get the most value for your money in the jump between the Executive to the Premium model. Granted, a RM4,800 price difference between the two models is not exactly small, but you really do get your money’s worth.

Aside from the range of upgrades you’re getting – which we’ll get into further down this article – the next part alone is worth paying the extra premium…for the Premium (excuse the pun).

It Offers the Best Safety

Unlike the 2022 Iriz, only the Premium trim of the 2022 Persona gets six airbags. The other two variants get four airbags instead, omitting the curtain airbags.

In the event of a side impact crash, curtain airbags are essential to protect an occupant’s head. Needless to say, it can literally be a lifesaver, even if the likelihood of a side impact crash is lower than that of a front or rear-end collision.

You Get a Much More Premium Interior

Airbag count isn’t the only thing that sets the 2022 Persona Premium apart from the other variants. The Standard and Executive models get fabric seats of different designs, while the Premium trim gets brown leatherette seats for a classier-looking interior.

Aside from that, the Persona Premium also features an 8-inch floating infotainment screen with the updated “Hi Proton” voice command, which can now be used to control the air-conditioning and windows. The infotainment system offers online navigation too, thanks to the eSIM with a five-year data package for 1GB of data monthly.

Brighter LED Headlights, Sleeker-Looking Exterior

Just like the range-topping Iriz Active, the facelifted Persona Premium is the only variant to come with LED headlights; the lower two trims have halogen headlights instead. Not only are LED headlights brighter, it lends to a more upmarket look too.

Aside from that, I really dig the 16-inch dual-tone alloy wheels of the new Persona Premium too. While the Executive trim gets 16-inch alloys as well, it has a different single-tone design.

Also worth a mention is the blacked-out roof of the Persona Premium, not to mention the fact that it is the only variant that is offered in Space Grey.

Other Variants Are Still Worth Considering

Although I believe the 2022 Persona Premium offers the best value for money, the Standard and Executive variants are still very good options for those who are shopping for a new B-segment sedan.

In fact, the Persona Standard is an especially good option, even when compared to the Executive model. After all, every variant of the Persona gets the same 1.6L engine that outputs 109PS and 150Nm of torque. Drive is sent to the front wheels via a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Although the Persona Standard doesn’t get some nice features like 16-inch alloy wheels – it has slightly smaller 15-inch wheels – an 8-inch infotainment screen with reverse camera, LED daytime running lights, or keyless entry with push start button, the Standard is still quite a complete sedan.

After all, the interior of the Persona Standard is almost identical to the Executive model, except for the aforementioned 8-inch infotainment screen. It still has the same redesigned centre console, fabric seats, digital air-conditioning controls, as well as an armrest.

Priced at RM45,200, I’ll definitely consider the 2022 Proton Persona Standard to be the next best choice after the Premium model in terms of sheer value for money. Yes, even if there’s a RM10,000 price difference between the two variants.

See, if it fits your budget, it’s worth paying extra for the Persona Premium simply because it offers six airbags – safety is of utmost importance. Plus, when the price difference is put into a five-year or seven-year loan, it doesn’t increase the monthly commitment too much either.

Of course, it’s also important to not spend beyond your means. If the Persona Standard fits your budget more comfortably, go for it – it’s still get a very good B-segment sedan with Proton’s renowned ride and handling.

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