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2022 iPad Air Costs RM2,699 in Malaysia – RM100 Price Hike

As expected, Apple also unveiled the Malaysian pricing of the new 2022 iPad Air. Now starting at RM2,699, the updated iPad costs exactly RM100 more than the previous model – this is despite the fact that the price of the tablet is actually maintained for the US market.

Nonetheless, for RM2,699, you’re getting the new iPad Air with 64GB of internal storage; the more generous 256GB model costs RM3,349 instead. If you want cellular capability, you’ll have to add on RM650.

The biggest upgrade to the new iPad Air is none other than the M1 chip powering the tablet; Apple claims it is twice as fast as Windows laptops in the same price range. On top of that, it also gets a 12MP front-facing camera now with support for Apple’s Center Stage feature, which automatically keeps you in frame.

Unfortunately, even though the Malaysian pricing of the 2022 iPad Air has been revealed, it remains to be seen exactly when it will be available locally. Rest assured, we will keep a close eye on the local availability of the new iPad.

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