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2022 Honda Civic Prototype Unveiled With More Traditional Looks

The 11th generation Honda Civic is taking shape: the Japanese carmaker just revealed the prototype of the upcoming C-segment sedan. Sporting a more traditional look with some design cues from the Honda Accord, the new sedan may appeal to folks who didn’t quite like the much more aggressive-styling of the current 10th generation Civic FC.

Now, although this is only the prototype of the 11th generation Civic, it should be very close to the design of the final production unit. Gone are the “ketam” C-shaped taillights of the Civic FC for a more subtle L-shaped LED lighting; the front DRLs has the same L-shaped lighting too. The silhouette of the new Civic, on the other hand, is very reminiscent of its D-segment sibling, the Accord.

As for the new Civic’s interior, we only get a sketch of what it would look like. Just like the exterior, it appears the cabin will also be a lot more minimalist and modern. There’s now a floating infotainment screen, the centre armrest is no longer partly exposed, and the air vents are cleverly integrated into the honeycomb mesh that stretches across the dashboard.

Of course, this being just the reveal of the prototype 11th generation Civic, we don’t know what engine will be found under the hood of the new sedan yet. All Honda said is that the new Civic will come with “more powerful engine options,” so expect it to be faster than the current model.

The 2022 Honda Civic is set to debut sometime in spring 2021, though it’ll be much longer before the production-ready version of the C-segment sedan arrives here in Malaysia.

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