Ducky’s First Mainstream Hotswap Keyboard, One 3 Series, Now in Malaysia From RM499
December 31, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Introduced globally back in November last month, the Ducky One 3 series of mechanical keyboards are now available in Malaysia. What makes these keyboards particularly interesting is the fact that they are the Taiwanese company’s first mainstream offering with a hotswap PCB, allowing users to easily swap out the switches.

Looking at Sun Cycle’s website – the official distributor of Ducky products in Malaysia – three sizes of the One 3 series are available here now; it seems the TKL layout is not part of the lineup yet. That leaves the 60% (from RM499), 65% (from RM549), and full-size (from RM525).

Yes, the 65% model is priced higher despite being physically smaller than the full-size version, oddly enough.

One of the best selling points of the One 3 series is its aforementioned hotswap PCB, making it Ducky’s first mainstream keyboard with such a feature. While the 2020 Ducky Year of the Rat is technically the company’s first keyboard with hotswap support, it’s a limited edition model.

Aside from the hotswap PCB, the One 3 series also features double-shot PBT keycaps, Cherry MX switches, RGB backlighting, a number of sound deadening material for improved sound profile, and plate-mounted stabilisers that are “fine-tuned for an exceptional typing experience,” as Ducky puts it.

If you’re keen to get any one of the Ducky One 3 series keyboards, Dotatech has them in stock right now. While this is still a pre-built keyboard that lacks many features of a custom build, the One 3 series does look to be a decent starting point for newcomers that just want a mechanical keyboard that works out of the box.