Dell’s Concept Luna Envisions an Easily Repairable, Sustainable Laptop
December 23, 2021 Andrew Cheng

More companies are focusing on sustainability, and Dell’s Concept Luna looks to be quite promising in this regard. It’s a proof-of-concept developed in collaboration with Intel, and it envisions a laptop that is easily repairable by giving users easy access to the different components of the machine, among other things.

This, in turns, makes for a laptop that is…well, sustainable to a certain extent. The motherboard of Concept Luna, for one, has been shrunk by approximately 75%. The company said that motherboards “can be one of the most energy intense components to manufacture,” so reducing its size should reduce carbon footprint quite a bit.

The aluminium chassis of Concept Luna, on the other hand, is manufactured with hydro power and a stamped aluminium construction; these require less energy and produce minimal scrap. There are also 10x less screws used in Luna, making it easier to access the different parts of the laptop.

As for the prototype laptop itself, it does look quite sleek and modern – just like any other high-end Dell product, really. It’s great to see that the design of the laptop doesn’t have to be compromised in order for it to be easily upgradable and repaired.

According to Dell, if the design ideas of Concept Luna were implemented, we can expect to see an estimated 50% reduction in overall product carbon footprint; that’s quite a big deal. Of course, it remains to be seen if any of these design philosophies will be implemented in a consumer product.

But if a large company like Dell can do it, we imagine other companies will follow suit.