Simpler60 Custom Keyboard Pre-Orders Live – Starts at S$230
November 24, 2021 Andrew Cheng

The relatively affordable Simpler60 custom keyboard is now available for pre-order from iLumkb. Interestingly, its final retail price is slightly lower than the initial estimate: it retails from S$230, which comes up to about RM710.

This price tag is for three specific colours of the Simpler60: Black, Dark Grey, and Brown, which are all anodised. The E-White colour option, on the other hand, costs S$245 (approximately RM755). You’re paying more for the electrophoresis process to get this white colourway.

One of the highlights of the Simpler60 is its mounting system. While it’s said to be a tray-mounted keyboard, it’s not inaccurate to call it a gasket-mounted keyboard either. See, unlike standard tray mount keyboards, the Simpler60 does not have screw standoffs (making for an uneven typing feel) to secure the plate and PCB to the bottom case.

Instead, there’s a 3.7mm thick PORON dampener – which is placed between the PCB and plate – that is inserted into specific cutouts in the case to secure the keyboard in place. This is actually very similar to the mounting system of the KDBfans KBD67 Lite, but the silicone dampener is replaced with a PORON one for the Simpler60.

Other features of the Simpler60 include a hotswap PCB, a CNC aluminium case, a polycarbonate plate, and support for screw-in stabilisers.

The Simpler60 is now available for pre-order on iLumkb; only 80 units are available for this round of pre-order. Do note that shipping is only set to begin sometime in the first or second quarter of 2022, so you could be getting the keyboard as late as June 2022.