Akko Introduces 3 Gasket-Mounted Keyboards With Acrylic Case From RM265
November 2, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Akko just introduced a rather interesting lineup of keyboard kits with an acrylic case. Available in three different layouts, these gasket-mounted keyboards have a number of attractive features, including affordable price tags.

The ACR 64 (60% layout with arrow keys) and ACR 67 (65% layout) retail at $86 (about RM355), while the ACR 75 (75% layout) goes for $90 (around RM375). Beyond the different layouts, these three keyboards share the same feature set.

These include a hotswap PCB with TTC’s socket, a gasket mount design with EVA foam, an FR4 plate, RGB backlighting, as well as a colour-matched coiled cable. Speaking of which, these acrylic keyboards are available in White, Blue, and Pink. There’s also Black, but this colourway is only available for pre-order right now.

While these acrylic keyboards from Akko look quite promising, there is one “downside” – they make use of plate-mounted stabilisers, which are not quite as secure as screw-in ones. Nonetheless, when properly tuned, plate-mounted stabilisers can still provide a good typing experience.

The Akko ACR 75, ACR 67, and ACR 64 are now available for purchase on Akko’s online store. Alternatively, they’re also available on Shopee Malaysia at a lower price, though only the ACR 75 (RM289.99) and ACR 67 (RM264.99) are listed at the moment.