Video: Akko CS Starfish Sound Test on the Ikki68 Aurora
November 2, 2021 Andrew Cheng

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly linear switch with a clacky sound profile, consider this: the Akko CS Starfish. Sporting a two-stage spring with a dustproof stem, it’s quite an interesting linear switch with a “snappy” typing experience – it also costs less than RM1 per switch.

The snappiness of the CS Starfish comes from its long, two-stage spring; the longer the spring, the stronger, more responsive the upstroke of the switch is. Pushing down on the switch from the very top of the downstroke requires more force as well thanks to the long spring – this may be a typing characteristic some folks want out of a switch.

Aside from the Akko CS Starfish, we also received the Jelly Blue, Jelly Black, and CS Sponge switches from Akko. Stay tuned for our review – and sound test – of these switches!