Keychron Q1 (And Q2) With Knob Support Releasing in November 2021
October 30, 2021 Andrew Cheng

It’s been a while since we’ve got an update on the knob version of the Keychron Q1. Well, we finally have official confirmation from Keychron itself: the Q1 with knob support is set to be released sometime in November next month.

Aside from that, the upcoming Keychron Q2 – essentially a 65% version of the Q1 – with a knob will also be released alongside the non-knob model in the same month. It’s possible that both the knob version of the Q1 and the Q2 will be released at the same time, though this is only our educated guess at this point in time.

Nonetheless, the Q1 is quite an interesting pre-built keyboard with features that are typically only found on custom keyboards. These include a gasket mounting system, a full CNC aluminium case, along with a hotswap PCB that supports VIA out of the box for easy key mapping.

Keychron also worked with Gateron quite a bit for the Q1. Not only can it be purchased with three new factory lubed Gateron Phantom switches – Phantom Brown (tactile), Phantom Red (linear), or Phantom Blue (clicky) – it features screw-in stabilisers made by Gateron too.

At the moment, stocks on the Keychron Q1 seems to exhausted already on its online store; no word yet on the Malaysian availability of the keyboard either from Keybot. Nonetheless, we’ll keep a close eye on the general availability of the Q1, along with the release of the knob version.