Gazzew Boba LT Linear Switch Now Available on Pantheon (Singapore)
October 28, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Gazzew’s latest linear switch, the Boba LT, is now available from Pantheon, a vendor based in Singapore. The “LT” in the switch’s name stands for Linear Thock, so if you want a linear switch with a thocky sound profile, this may be right up your alley.

What lends to the Boba LT’s thocky sound profile is its long stem pole. This is similar to Gazzew’s other (very popular) Boba U4T Thocky switches; you can read our full review – and sound test – of that tactile switch over here.

However, because the Boba LT has a long stem pole, it also has slightly reduced travel as it will bottom out on the stem pole. We reckon the travel distance won’t be quite as reduced as, say, the Gazzew Bobagum silent linear switch, but if you’re particular about travel distance, keep this in mind.

Anyway, the Gazzew Boba LT is now available for purchase from Pantheon. Sold at S$8.70 (about RM25) for a pack of 10 switches, it’s quite reasonably priced, especially for a switch from Gazzew. After all, he is known to produce some of the best switches in the custom keyboard scene.