After 14 Months, the Zenith Custom Keyboard Is Finally Shipping
October 27, 2021 Andrew Cheng

The custom keyboard hobby is known for its exceeding long waiting times, and this is especially true of Rama Works’ products. Well, after 14 months since its pre-order ended, the Zenith custom keyboard is finally shipping to customers, including my own personal unit.

Designed by Ion Keyboards – while the PCB is designed by the renowned – the Zenith is manufactured and distributed by Rama Works, which is known for its range of premium keyboards and accessories. Needless to say, the Zenith is also a premium 65% custom keyboard; it retailed from $450 (about RM1,870).

Aside from that, the Zenith also has a unique layout: there is a macro column on the left side of the board, so you get the practically of the function keys in a 65% form factor, though it does make the keyboard longer than usual. The Zenith uses an isolated gasket mounting system too that promises a “crisp and clean” typing experience.

Now that the Zenith is finally shipping to consumers, expect our review (and maybe even unboxing) of the premium custom keyboard very soon. Needless to say, I cannot wait to start building the Zenith – after all, I’ve only waited 14 months for it.