Where to Buy Staebies?
October 27, 2021 Andrew Cheng

The Staebies have really been flying off the shelves since they went on sale earlier this month. If you’re having trouble finding out where these excellent screw-in stabilisers will be restocked, this article is just for you.

Depending on where you’re located, you can check the vendors below regularly – or joins their respective Discord servers – to see if the Staebies are back in stock. Do note that this initial run is a “beta round” to collect user inputs – another run is expected to happen in the near future.

Keyboard Treehouse (Australia)

This is likely your best bet for future restocks of the Staebies; it is also the only vendor that had the all-clear polycarbonate version in stock. You can check this listing regularly to see if the Staebies are back in stock.

Alternatively, you can also join Keyboard Treehouse’s Discord for the latest updates from AEBoards itself.

Cannon Keys (US)

If you’re located in the US, Cannon Keys will offer the best shipping time and cost. Once the vendor has the Staebies back in stock, you will find them right here; you can also get notified when the stabilisers are restocked from the listing itself. Of course, join Cannon Keys’ Discord server as well to get the latest updates.

Salvun (Europe)

Salvun is no stranger in the custom keyboard scene, especially to those who are residing in Europe. Just like Cannon Keys, Salvun already listed the Staebies for sale, so check that listing (and its Discord server) for future restocks.

Ashkeebs (Canada)

Finally, there’s Ashkeebs based in Canada. Out of all the vendors listed here, it is the only one who has not listed the Staebies for sale yet. If you want to get the stabilisers as soon as possible, keep an eye out on its online store and Discord server.