Tom Holland Is Nathan Drake in New Uncharted Movie Trailer – Coming 18 February 2022
October 22, 2021 Andrew Cheng

The live-action Uncharted movie is finally happening. Set to be released on 18 February 2022 next year, Sony released the first official trailer of the upcoming movie, showing Tom Holland – of Spider-Man fame – as Nathan Drake himself, the protagonist of the franchise.

Compared to the Uncharted franchise many gamers are familiar with, this movie features a much younger Nathan before he is a full-fledged treasure hunter. He is also joined by a younger Sully played by Mark Wahlberg, who was originally set to play Nathan back when talks of a live-action Uncharted movie started a decade ago.

Another big name in the Uncharted movie is Antonio Banderas, who looks to be the main antagonist. Chloe Frazer – who made her first in-game appearance in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – will be featured in the movie too, played by Sophia Ali.

Uncharted will hit theaters next year on 18 February 2022. In the meantime, you can take a look at what the movie has to offer in the trailer above – it certainly shows some key elements of Uncharted, such as the plane scene.