The Excellent Staebies Are Back in Stock
October 15, 2021 Andrew Cheng

If you’ve been waiting for the Staebies to be back in stock, good news: Keyboard Treehouse just listed more units of the excellent screw-in stabilisers for sale. On top of that, you can still get them at a discounted price too.

According to the listing on Keyboard Treehouse, the Staebies usually go for $24, but it’s currently on sale for $22 (about RM90). While that’s not a huge discount, it does make the Staebies that much more appealing.

It’s worth noting that there are only 136 units of each model of the Staebies – that is, the all-black nylon version and the clear polycarbonate variant – are available right now, as shared on Keyboard Treehouse’s Discord channel. It’s a decent amount of units, but you may want to get them quickly to secure your order.

You can purchase the Staebies from Keyboard Treehouse right here. Not sure if these stabilisers are worth it? Then check out our full review of the Staebies.