Get Your Mitsubishi Car Delivered to Your Doorstep – Only in Klang Valley
October 11, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) just introduced a pretty intriguing service. If you book a Mitsubishi model through MMM’s online showroom, you have the option to get your vehicle delivered to your doorstep on a single car carrier truck – how convenient is that?

Of course, there is one caveat: this service is only offered in the Klang Valley area right now. That being said, MMM did say that the service will be expanded to other regions in Malaysia, though it remains to be seen exactly when this will be implemented.

“As Malaysia prepares to transition from the COVID-19 pandemic to the endemic phase, Mitsubishi Motors is making an effort to ensure that our digital services are improved for customers’ safety and convenience. We want to provide an option for customers to shop online, offering something unorthodox to car ownership,” said the CEO of MMM, Tomoyuki Shinnishi.

If you got your eyes on any Mitsubishi model – such as the Xpander seven-seater crossover – you can take a look at it and place a booking on MMM’s online showroom right here.