Perodua Ativa Hybrid Coming to Malaysia Soon?
October 7, 2021 Andrew Cheng

The Perodua Ativa is undoubtedly very popular in Malaysia, and there’s a chance a hybrid version of the compact SUV will be introduced here soon. See, a Daihatsu Rocky test mule – the model the Ativa is based on – was seen around KL with Perodua’s trade plate, but this is not just a regular Rocky: it’s the upcoming e:Smart Hybrid model!

Compared to the standard Rocky, the e-Smart Hybrid version features a honeycomb grille, which is what this particular test unit is equipped with. Given that the SUV is being tested on Malaysian roads already, it’s not far-fetched to assume that Perodua is preparing to integrate the hybrid system to the Ativa.

However, the Rocky e-Smart Hybrid is only set to be unveiled in Japan sometime in November 2021 next month, so most of the SUV’s technical details are still under wraps. It’s been revealed to be powered by a 1.2L three-cylinder engine though, which will be paired with a hybrid electric system.

In fact, the electric motor of the hybrid system is said to power the Rocky e-Smart Hybrid exclusively; the 1.2L engine is there as a generator. This is similar to how Nissan’s e-Power hybrid system works, though we’ll have to wait until the new model is revealed in November next month to know for sure.

Of course, it’s still to early to speculate when (or if) the Perodua Ativa will receive a hybrid system. Rest assured, we will keep a close eye on this.