Video: The Best-Sounding Keyboard You Can’t Buy – Jelly Epoch Review
September 25, 2021 Andrew Cheng

The Jelly Epoch by Owlab was one of the most sought-after keyboards earlier this year; all 900 units of the 75% custom keyboard were sold out almost instantly globally. While it’s definitely a popular keyboard, is it an absolute “must-buy?” Well, not quite.

What made the Jelly Epoch particularly compelling is its thocky, “marbley” sound profile; a sound signature that the custom keyboard community gravitates towards. But just because a keyboard has a desirable sound profile doesn’t automatically make it a good keyboard.

We talk about exactly why the sound signature of a keyboard isn’t everything in the video above. It’s also a quick review of the Jelly Epoch, so naturally, there’s a sound test of it at the end of the video!