Keychron Q2 Teaser Page Finally Live – Releasing Soon?
September 22, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Initially set for an August release, the Keychron Q2 has seemingly been delayed with no new launch window. Well, the teaser page for the upcoming 65% keyboard is now available, suggesting that it could be released very, very soon.

Essentially a downsized version of the Keychron Q1, the Q2 should sport the same features as its bigger sibling. These include a gasket mounting system – this mounting style is typically only offered on custom keyboards – along with a full CNC aluminium case for a more solid build quality.

As the teaser page shows, the Q2 will also feature a hotswap PCB, which allows you to swap switches seamlessly without the need to solder them. Naturally, the PCB also supports VIA and QMK out of the box for easy key mapping.

Other features of the Q2 include screw-in stabilisers (likely made by Gateron), an aluminium plate, and for the fully assembled model, three choices of factory lubed Gateron Phantom switches: Phantom Brown (tactile), Phantom Red (linear), or Phantom Blue (clicky).

No word yet on exactly when the Keychron Q2 will be available for purchase, though the registration of interest for the 65% keyboard is now live. It’ll be interesting to see how much more affordable it will be compared to the Q1, which starts at $149 – that comes up to about RM625.