Grab: Only Low-Risk MySejahtera Users & Drivers Are Allowed
September 10, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Grab just introduced a new policy for both passengers and drivers of the e-hailing platform. From 14 September onwards, only low-risk and casual contact (no symptoms) MySejahtera users are allowed to use its e-hailing services.

If a passenger’s MySejahtera status is not one of these two, they will not be able to book or take a ride on any of Grab’s e-hailing services. As for drivers, they will not be allowed to do any e-hailing jobs on Grab’s platform.

Once the new policy is in effect, both passengers and drivers can request to check the MySejahtera status of each other. If either parties do not have the proper MySejahtera status, the other party has the right to cancel the ride. Similarly, those who are not registered with MySejahtera cannot use Grab’s e-hailing services either.

According to Grab, it is implementing this new policy to minimise the risk of COVID-19 exposure for both its passengers and drivers. “Both driver-partners and passengers should not be put in situations in which they are in close contact with these higher risk individuals, nor should they be required to,” the company said.

It’s worth noting that Grab said this is its own policy; not an SOP introduced by the National Security Council (MKN). The full policy can be found right here.