Video: Can We Get Raiden Shogun & Her Weapon With 120 Wishes in Genshin Impact?
September 1, 2021 Andrew Cheng

The much anticipated Raiden Shogun is now in Genshin Impact! We’ve got 120 wishes this time around, so can we get both the Shogun herself and her signature weapon, Engulfing Lightning? To top it off, we have to beat the 50/50 odds too!

Here’s a bit of context: we were already at the 74th roll for the character event wish, just shy of the soft pity that starts at the 75th pull. As for the weapon banner, we…didn’t really keep track, but we were a fair bit further from the soft pity.

These are reasonably good odds, but can we get both the Raiden Shogun and her signature weapon with just 120 wishes? Watch the video above to find out!