Black Shark Magnetic Cooler – Cool Your Devices for RM219
August 18, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Avid mobile gamers, you may want to check out the new Black Shark Magnetic Cooler. Now available for purchase in Malaysia, this accessory is said to be able to lower the temperature of your devices by up to 23°C.

That’s right, a cool 23°C temperature drop, though we imagine this is highly dependent on the design of the device itself. After all, the Magnetic Cooler only attaches to the back of your phone, tablet, or even Nintendo Switch – Yes, you can even use this cooler on your Switch.

In order for the Magnetic Cooler to stick onto a device, it is bundled with a “heat conducting magnetic sticker.” The company said that this sticker creates a seal similar to that of a heatsink, allowing for efficient thermal conductivity.

Speaking of cooling efficiency, the Magnetic Cooler features 112 “high-quality” heat transfer fins paired to a 7200rpm fan along with a heat transfer plate. Tipping the scales at 73g, Black Shark said that it should be lightweight enough to not be cumbersome during use either.

The Black Shark Magnetic Cooler is now available for purchase in Malaysia for RM219; bundled with the cooler is a USB-C to USB-C cable for it to function. You can get the Magnetic Cooler from Shopee or Lazada.