Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 & Z Fold 3 to Retail From RM3,999 in Malaysia?
August 15, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Samsung typically unveils the Malaysian pricing of its latest flagship smartphones relatively quickly after their global debut, but that wasn’t the case with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3. Well, based on some leaked details, we may have a good idea of how much these two foldable phones will cost locally.

First spotted by Lowyat.NET, both the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 have been listed on Digi’s website; the listing for the two foldable phones are still up at the time of writing. According to Digi, the Z Fold 3 with 256GB of storage retails at RM4,199, while the Z Fold 3 is priced at RM6,699 and RM7,199 for the 256GB and 512GB models respectively.

What about the more affordable 128GB configuration of the Galaxy Z Flip 3? Well, Amanz first spotted a rather interesting post on Lowyat.NET’s forum, which shows that the 128GB variant of the Z Flip 3 costs RM3,999 on Samsung Malaysia’s own online store. Unfortunately, the price has been removed already.

If these prices are legitimate, Samsung Malaysia is certainly pricing these two foldable phones very, very competitively. To put this into context, the Z Flip 3 retails from $999 in the US, which comes up to about RM4,235. As for the Z Fold 3, it starts at $1,799 (about RM7,625) in the same market.

Evidently, the starting prices of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 are quite a bit lower in Malaysia than the US; assuming these leaked prices are legitimate, of course. Nonetheless, we expect Samsung Malaysia to officially reveal the local pricing of these two phones very soon.