One of the Thockiest Linear Switches Just Got Restocked on iLumkb for SEA Market
August 6, 2021 Andrew Cheng

If you’re looking to get a linear switch with a deep sound signature, consider the Lavender. iLumkb, which is based in Singapore, just restocked this thocky – and pretty-looking – linear switch.

Priced at S$9 for 10 switches from iLumkb, you’re paying about RM3 per switch for the Lavender. This does put it in the same price range as other higher-end switches such as the Cobalt POM and SP-Star, though the latter is slightly more affordable.

What makes the Lavender such a thocky switch lies in its housing material. Just like the Anubis tactile switch, the Lavender has a full nylon housing, which produces a deeper, thockier sound than the typical polycarbonate top and bottom nylon housings of other switches.

Aside from that, the Lavender also has a 65g spring with a five-pin design and some factory lube out of the box. it is produced by Durock as well, one of the most recognisable switch manufacturers in the market now.

If you’re keen to purchase the Lavender – especially if you’re in the SEA region – you can get it from iLumkb. Of course, the vendor does ship to markets outside of SEA too, but given that it is based in Singapore, expect to pay more for shipping.