Mode SixtyFive Pre-Orders Open Until 2022 – 3-Month Lead Time
July 27, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Mode just made a pretty interesting announcement for its latest custom keyboard, the Mode SixtyFive. The pre-orders for the 65% keyboard was initially said to be open for at least a month, but Mode just revealed that it will actually be extended until 2022. On top of that, the lead time for the keyboard will be pretty short too.

“We are pleased to announce that we will be keeping SixtyFive pre-orders open into 2022,” Mode said on its Discord server. “Long before our pre-order even opens, we put in a significant amount of time and resources to prepare for manufacturing.”

“This greatly minimises wait times for you, our community, to receive your keyboards,” the company elaborated.

On top of that, Mode also added that pre-orders of the SixtyFive made by 9 August will be fulfilled in December 2021. For pre-orders placed beyond that date, Mode aims to ship the keyboard within three months.

Given that the SixtyFive is quite configurable – you can change the finish and material for almost every part of the keyboard – Mode’s quick fulfilment (by the standards of a custom keyboard) is really quite impressive. As far as we can tell, no other keyboard companies have offered this level of customisability with such a short turnaround time.

Anyway, the SixtyFive itself, as mentioned, is customisable. With Mode’s configurator for the keyboard, you can change the top case, bottom case, plate, and even the (magnetic) backpiece of the SixtyFive. Your customised keyboard will be rendered in the configurator too.

If you’re keen to get the Mode SixtyFive, you can start customising the keyboard over at Mode’s online store. To recap, the 65% custom keyboard starts at $299 (about RM1,265), and pre-orders made by 9 August will be shipped sometime in December 2021. You can learn more about the SixtyFive over here.