A Bunch of Limited Deskmats Just Restocked for SEA Market
July 26, 2021 Andrew Cheng

If you’re looking for a new deskmat to change up your desk setup, great news: a bunch of limited deskmats have just been restocked for the SEA market through iLumkb, which is based in Singapore.

According to iLumkb, most of these deskmats are extras from completed keycap sets. These include the popular SA Mizu “Moon” deskmat, Red Devils, Modern Dolch, as well as the rather unique Taegeukgi deskmats.

Of course, iLumkb also has a wide variety of other in-stock deskmats, including the “Brown Paper” Cherry deskmat and Taeha Types’ very own deskmat in black or white. Naturally, these are high quality, thick fabric deskmats – most of them measure 4mm thick – with a rubber bottom and stitched edges; we cannot recommend them enough.

You can browse through iLumkb’s list of in-stock deskmats right here. Do note that deskmats are heavy, so you may need to pay slightly more for shipping.