Keychron Q1 Pre-Production Model Shown – Pre-Orders Delayed to August 2021
July 22, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Originally set to be available for pre-order this month, the release of the Keychron Q1 has been pushed back due to some issues. Now, pre-orders for the 75% mechanical keyboard will start in late August next month.

According to Keychron, there was an issue with the plate and PCB of the Q1 separating due to “too much flex” and room for the two parts to move around. To rectify these issues, pre-order of the keyboard is moved to late August, with deliveries happening the following month in late September.

Nonetheless, at least we have some pictures of the pre-production model shared by Nick Xu of Keychron on Facebook. We get a look the finished product, including the double shot ABS keycaps and factory lubed Gateron switches. There are also gold plated screws on the bottom of the keyboard.

Other noteworthy features of the Q1 include a gasket-mount design, a full CNC aluminium body, a hotswap PCB with south-facing LEDs, screw-in stabilisers, and VIA support out of the box to easily customise the mapping of the keyboard. Three plate options will also be offered: aluminium, FR4, and polycarbonate.

To recap, the Keychron Q1 will now be available for pre-order in Late August next month for $139 (about RM585) and $169 (approximately RM675) for the barebone kit and fully assembled model respectively. Before pre-orders are open, the company said that reviews and sound tests of the keyboard will be released.

You can head on to Keychron’s website to register your interest for the Q1.