Rama Works’ Kara SEQ2 Now Live – New Colours, Same $160 Price Tag
July 19, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Rama Works, which produces some of the most premium custom keyboards, is back with the second round of its affordable keyboard. Dubbed Kara SEQ2, it’s largely similar to the first iteration of the budget-friendly board.

Well, granted, retailing at $160 (about RM675), the Kara SEQ2 is not exactly a strictly affordable custom keyboard. But this is a Rama Works product, which is renowned for its high quality products. Even though the Kara is much more affordable than its other custom keyboards, you can expect the same level of refinement here.

Anyway, the major difference between the original Kara and the SEQ2 version are the colour options. It is now available in seven new shades: Byte, Milk, Mint, Musk, Momo, Puff, and Tang – you can take a closer look at these colours over here. Aside from that, the original Noct and Iced colourways are retained too.

What makes the Kara unique is its MUTE mounting system, which is “engineered for a responsive typing feedback experience and dampened sound signature.” It also has an ABS case with a PC plate to complement the MUTE mounting system with its rigidity by offering a “dynamic yet stable typing experience.”

Other specifications of the Kara include a hotswap PCB – so you can easily swap out switches without soldering – per-switch RGB lighting, as well as a 60% layout.

The Rama Works Kara SEQ2 will be available for pre-order until 31 August 2021. No word on exactly when it will start shipping, but it did take about seven months for the original Kara to ship to all customers – that’s not a bad turnaround time for a custom keyboard.