Singa Kohaku – Malaysian-Designed Custom Keyboard Goes on Pre-Order 24 July for RM2,450
July 14, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Singa, based here in Malaysia, makes some of the most premium custom keyboards, and it is releasing a new 65% keyboard on 24 July. Dubbed Kohaku, this keyboard is designed by the owner of Singa, Elaine. It’s really quite a sleek-looking keyboard, and only 300 units are up for grabs.

That’s right, only 300 units of the Kohaku will be available for purchase – Singa keyboards have always been sold in limited numbers. The pre-order for the Kohaku will also be done as a raffle: only the first 1,000 entries will qualify for the raffle, and out of those entries, 300 will be randomly selected to pre-order the keyboard.

One of the most unique features of the Kohaku has to be its copper weight on the bottom with a Kōhaku Koi motif; that’s the inspiration for the name of the keyboard. Beyond that, it also uses a gasket mounting system with an aluminium case. There are two plate options too: a leaf spring aluminium plate, or a regular polycarbonate plate.

Now, let’s talk about the pricing of the Kohaku. The keyboard kit itself costs RM2,450, and it will include the Kohaku case, a hotswap or solderable PCB, a plate of your choice, as well as a hard carrying case.

You can get extra parts as well: an extra PCB costs RM200 or RM250 for the solderable and hotswap PCB respectively, RM165 for the plate (both aluminium and polycarbonate), and RM22 for an extra acrylic piece for the brass weight.

The Singa Kohaku raffle will be taking place on 24 July at 10AM Malaysian time. The details of the raffle can be found right here, along with more information on the keyboard. Delivery of the Kohaku will take place sometime in Q1 2022, which is really quite quick for a custom keyboard.