Mode SixtyFive – Most Customisable Custom Mechanical Keyboard From $299
June 28, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Fancy getting a custom mechanical keyboard, but none of the offerings in group buy right now quite suit your taste? Well, then check out the new Mode SixtyFive – it’s arguably the most customisable keyboard yet.

Unlike other custom mechanical keyboards – which usually only offer different colours with several plate options – the SixtyFive allows you to change the finish and material for almost every part of the keyboard. These include the top case, bottom case, plate, and even the (magnetic) backpiece.

There’s even a rather neat configurator for the SixtyFive on Mode’s website, which shows you a render of your configured keyboard. You can even change the plate material of the board – there are a total of seven different plate options – a hotswap or solderable PCB, ANSI or ISO layout, and even the colour of the feet.

Do note that depending on which option you pick, the SixtyFive will be delivered to you either in October or December. Certain parts or colours that are more in demand will ship later, unless you managed to order them before the threshold for October delivery has been reached.

Nonetheless, the fact that Mode can deliver the SixtyFive in the span of six months is already very impressive. Most pre-orders for custom mechanical keyboards usually take much longer than that, sometimes even up to a year.

If you’re keen to get the Mode SixtyFive, you can start customising your very own unit over at Mode’s online store; it starts from $299 (about RM1,240), which is a good starting price for a custom keyboard of this calibre. No end date was given for the pre-order, but it’s said to be offered for at least a month from 25 June. You can learn more about the SixtyFive over here.