6 Years After Release, the iPhone 6s Is still Getting the Latest iOS 15
June 8, 2021 Andrew Cheng

At its annual WWDC event, Apple just gave us a preview of the latest iOS 15 software for its range of iPhones. Not only does the new update bring a slew of new features, iOS 15 is even coming to the iPhone 6s, which was released way back in 2015.

So what’s new in iOS 15? For one, FaceTime gets some neat upgrades. Spatial audio will be added, new microphone modes will be able to separate background noise from the user’s voice, and there will also be a Portrait mode for video calls to blur the background.

Interestingly, Facetime in iOS 15 will be supported on non-Apple devices as well through a web browser. This effectively lets Android and Windows devices join a Facetime call.

Notifications on iOS 15 got some tweaks too. App icons are larger, contact photos will appear next to messages, and a new Focus feature gives you the ability to only show notifications and apps depending on your current activity – like when you’re working.

Other noteworthy changes coming to iOS 15 include the ability to search for specific text in a photo thanks to the new Live Text feature, a refreshed Safari design to make it easier to browse the web with only one hand, and an updated Apple Maps interface that offers “significantly enhanced details in cities for neighborhoods.”

In fact, when navigating using Apple Maps on the iPhone or via Apple CarPlay (available at a later date), there will be a “three-dimensional city-driving experience” to make it easier to recognise the turns you need to take.

iOS 15 will be publicly available sometime this fall 2021; usually coinciding with the launch of the new iPhone. As mentioned, iPhone 6s and later will receive the new software update then.