TTRacing Maxx Review: Comfortable, Premium RM1,099 Gaming Chair
May 31, 2021 Andrew Cheng

TTRacing has been in the Malaysian market for quite some time now. I reviewed its range of gaming chairs back in 2017, and they were certainly good products for the money then.

Fast forward to 2021, we have TTRacing’s latest gaming chair, the TTRacing Maxx. This chair really is a testament to how far the brand has grown over the years: it feels and looks much more premium, it offers a very comfortable sitting experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed using it so far.

Granted, retailing at RM1,099, the Maxx is not exactly affordable, and it does have a couple of shortcomings here and there. However, if you want one of the best gaming chairs at this price point, the Maxx is easily at the top of the list.

What It Is

The Maxx is currently TTRacing’s highest-end product with a RM1,099 price tag. For that kind of money, the gaming chair is wrapped in faux leather and velour. This material combination promises faster heat dissipation for a more comfortable sitting experience.

Aside from that, the Maxx also features dense cold cure foam to provide a good level of firmness and support, not to mention cushioned armrests with 4D adjustments, velour covered memory foam neck and lumbar pillows, as well as a 155-degree full recline – for when you want to take a quick break.

All in all, the Maxx has a lot of good things going for it, but do these translate to a comfortable sitting experience? Absolutely. Let me elaborate in the following section.

The Good Stuff

The moment you sit on the TTRacing Maxx, you will definitely notice how firm it is, thanks to the dense cold cure foam. This is in contrast to the plush, more “cushiony” support of other gaming chairs. Personally, I love the Maxx’s firmness; over long sitting hours, it provides the necessary support for a comfortable sitting experience.

What makes the Maxx even more comfortable are the memory foam neck and lumbar pillows. Covered in soft, velour material, it certainly feels great and supportive, especially the neck pillow. The lumbar pillow provides a reasonable amount of support as well for my lower back, though I do wish it was a tad firmer.

Anyway, the faux leather of the Maxx is quite good too. It feels nice and soft, and the velour parts – though it doesn’t cover as much area as the leather – is even softer to the touch. Yes, “faux leather” may sound cheap and inferior to genuine leather, but using the latter would also drive up the price of the chair considerably.

The armrests of the Maxx are worth highlighting as well. I like to rest my elbow on the armrests, so I really appreciate the fact that they are cushioned. Of course, the armrests are also 4D adjustable: they can be adjusted up, down, front, back, left, right, and even angled. Basically, every user should be able to find a comfortable position.

More affordable gaming chairs usually don’t have the smoothest hydraulics, but that’s not the case with the Maxx. Though the lever for height adjustment does take some effort to activate, it goes up and down in a smooth, fuss-free manner. Same goes for the tilt adjustment, naturally.

In terms of stability, the Maxx’s aluminium alloy wheelbase is wide enough to provide good stability. Even when I fully incline the chair – with the rocking lever locked – it still feels very stable. I’m not afraid that I will topple the chair at all, which is very reassuring.

Last but certainly not least is the ease of assembling the Maxx. There’s not much room for error (though some of the instructions were a little vague), and you only need the provided allen key to put the different parts of the chair together. If you’d like to learn more about the assembly process and unboxing of the chair, check out our article here.

The Bad Stuff

As with any given product, the TTRacing Maxx does have some shortcomings here and there. The one that bothers me the most is the amount of wobble that the chair has. Don’t get me wrong, it is a stable chair, but it does sway side to side a little bit. This is not a big deal by any means, but it’s definitely worth pointing out.

The castors of the Maxx could use some work too. While I appreciate the locking mechanism – useful for folks that don’t want the chair to move around – I do wish the castors were smoother. There’s a slight resistance to them, which is not exactly a dealbreaker, though it does mar the premium appeal of the Maxx a little bit.

Is It Worth It?

While its RM1,099 asking price may seem daunting, the TTRacing Maxx does offer immensely good value for money. You’d be hard-pressed to find another gaming chair at this price point that offers the same firm, comfortable sitting experience, which is (in my opinion) the most important aspect of any chair, gaming or not.

Even with its shortcomings in mind, the Maxx’s strong points far outweigh them. It’s very comfortable – yes, this is worth repeating – the faux leather and velour material feel great, the cushioned 4D armrests are easy to adjust and soft to the touch, and overall, it looks premium too.

If you’re keen to get the TTRacing Maxx, you can do so over at TTRacing’s own website or its Shopee store for RM1,099. Do note that the gaming chair is occasionally discounted to RM999 as well, making the Maxx that much more compelling.