Unboxing & Assembling the TTRacing Maxx Gaming Chair
May 27, 2021 Andrew Cheng

The TTRacing Maxx is the most premium gaming chair yet from the company, and it’s really quite an intriguing product, given its RM1,099 price tag. If you’re wondering how the chair looks like in person and what the assembly process is like, this unboxing and assembly of the Maxx should pique your interest.

I received the Maxx gaming chair in a pretty standard-looking box, and it is quite heavy. Every part of the chair is wrapped quite well, while more sensitive parts – such as the armrests and tilt mechanism – are protected by bubble wrappings.

For the most part, the assembly instructions are quite clear and easy to follow, though it was a little tricky to install the tilt mechanism in the proper orientation; more on that later. Anyway, to begin the assembly, I start off with the wheelbase.

This is quite straightforward: the five castors of the chair only need to be pushed into the wheelbase’s slots. Not too much force is required, and once I’ve done this, the hydraulic piston and cover can be inserted into the centre of the wheelbase.

Next, we move on to the seat base of the Maxx; well, the underside of it. As you can see, all of the bolts are pre-attached to the proper locations to make the installation process more seamless. I certainly appreciate this, and the bolts don’t take too much effort to unscrew either.

After I’ve removed the four screws on the sides of the seat base, I can start installing the armrests. Make sure you know which are the left and right armrests – which are labeled accordingly in the bubble wrapping – to make sure that you’re installing them at the correct side.

Once both of the armrest are installed, it’s time to install the backrest of the Maxx. For myself, this is the toughest part of assembling the gaming chair; it’s a little tricky to get the bolts screwed back into the sides of the backrest. I also wanted to ensure that the backrest isn’t installed in a crooked manner.

Okay, with the backrest installed to the brackets, the exposed bolts need to be covered up with the provided, well, cover. This gives the gaming chair a much neater appearance, and it’s not too difficult to install either.

At this point, the Maxx is taking shape already, but this is also where the assembly guide isn’t particularly helpful. The tilt mechanism has to be installed on the underside of the seat base now, but the orientation isn’t explicitly mentioned in the instructions.

Curiously, the tilt mechanism has a “front” indicator too, but after looking at the assembly guide closer, this indicator is actually the other way around. Basically, the slot on the tilt mechanism for the wheelbase to go into should be facing towards the backrest, as you can see in the images below.

With the tilt mechanism installed, all I need to do now is to put the chair on top of the wheelbase as the image above shows. Given the weight of the gaming chair, it can be quite tricky to align the two parts together, but it’s definitely possible to be done alone.

Of course, this process would be be a lot easier if you have someone else to help you to align the wheelbase to the slot on the tilt mechanism. Once that’s done, voila: the gaming chair is complete.

Overall, the TTRacing Maxx is relatively easy to assemble, even if some parts of the assembly process took some time to get right. As for the quality of the chair itself, I’m very happy with it: build quality is good, it looks great, and most importantly, it provides a firm, supportive sitting experience.

At the moment, I definitely enjoy sitting on the Maxx for long periods of time. But is worth forking out RM1,099 for it? Well, I will be putting this gaming chair through its paces in the next few days, so find out in the full review of the TTRacing Maxx!