PRISM+ X340 Pro 165Hz Review: Fast UWQHD Curved Ultrawide Monitor With Excellent Value for Money
May 12, 2021 Andrew Cheng

We’ve previously reviewed the PRISM+ X300, which was a really good gaming monitor for the money. If you want a higher-end, bigger offering instead, consider this one right here: the PRISM+ X340 Pro 165Hz ultrawide gaming monitor.

Not only does it have a larger (and still curved) ultrawide panel, the X340 Pro 165Hz also features a sharper UWQHD resolution and even better screen quality. The best part is, it’s still quite affordable too, retailing at only RM1,799. If you want an ultrawide gaming monitor with great value for money, consider the X340 Pro 165Hz.

What It Is

The PRISM+ X340 Pro 165Hz – as its name suggests – is a 34-inch gaming monitor with a 3440 x 1440 VA panel running at 165Hz. It also has a very pronounced 1500R curvature; the lower the number, the more aggressive the curvature. This, in turn, makes for a more immersive gaming experience.

Given that this is a gaming-centric monitor, the X340 Pro 165Hz also comes with adaptive sync to eliminate screen tearing, which works with both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. In terms of connectivity, it has two DisplayPort 1.4 inputs and a pair of HDMI 2.0 ports – a good selection of connectivity options.

At the moment, the X340 Pro 165Hz retails at only RM1,799, though this may change in the future. Keeping in mind its feature set – and the fact that it is currently bundled with the Elevate X1 stand worth RM299 – it really does offer excellent value for money. I’ll explain why in the following section.

The Good Stuff

Let’s start with the screen quality of the X340 Pro 165Hz, which is quite impressive. Not only does it offer punchy colours, it has good contrast too with very deep blacks; the latter is an inherent feature of VA screens. In fact, I would even say the vibrant colours of this VA panel is comparable to an IPS display.

Aside from that, the X340 Pro 165Hz also offers relatively good colour calibration out of the box, though the white balance is a little bit warm. But once I’ve applied the ICC profile, it looks fantastic. Not only does the white balance improve quite a bit, colours look more accurate too.

Another aspect of the X340 Pro 165Hz that’s worth highlighting (again) is its 1500R curvature. Because of the aggressive curvature, it offers a very immersive gaming experience, which is further accentuated by the ultrawide nature of the panel. I had an absolute ball playing Genshin Impact on this monitor.

Of course, the adaptive sync of the X340 Pro 165Hz works well too. Throughout my time gaming on this monitor, I didn’t notice any screen tearing at all. Coupled with the fast 165Hz refresh rate, I get excellent motion clarity as well.

It’s worth noting that the ultrawide nature of the X340 Pro 165Hz also makes it great for productivity tasks. With so much screen real estate, I can seamlessly work with multiple windows displayed at the same time. It’s no exaggeration to say that the 34-inch ultrawide panel feels almost like working with two monitors.

Last but certainly not least is the adjustability of the X340 Pro 165Hz. This review unit is installed with the Elevate X1 stand, which allows for tilt and height adjustments. Needless to say, getting a comfortable viewing angle with this stand is very easy.

The Bad Stuff

While the X340 Pro 165Hz is a joy to use, it does have a couple of shortcomings, though I wouldn’t consider them to be a dealbreaker by any means. Anyway, because this monitor has a VA panel, it does have some ghosting when displaying darker elements.

Is the ghosting noticeable? Yes. Is it enough to be a distraction in fast-paced games or everyday use? Not really. To be honest, the only time I’m really aware of this issue is when I’m scrolling through darker elements on a white background. When I’m gaming, it’s a non-issue (in my opinion).

And then there’s the viewing angles of the X340 Pro 165Hz. Colours shift when the monitor is viewed at an extreme angle, but this is really an inherent characteristic of VA panels. While its viewing angles is not quite as wide as another monitor with an IPS screen, it’s good enough for use in most scenarios.

Is It Worth It?

All in all, the PRISM+ X340 Pro 165Hz is still very worth it for those who are looking to get a fast, curved ultrawide gaming monitor with excellent value for money. It’s especially attractive right now, given that it currently retails at RM1,799 with the Elevate X1 stand bundled for free. Keep in mind that the price of this monitor may change in the future.

Even though the X340 Pro 165Hz has some ghosting issue – and its viewing angles could be better – its many positives easily outweigh these shortcomings. If you’re keen to get this gaming monitor, you can do so over at PRISM+’s official website. Alternatively, you can get it on Lazada as well.