Here’s How to Get up to RM300 Subsidy From Your Telco
May 5, 2021 Andrew Cheng

The government’s Jaringan Prihatin program is now live, and eligible Malaysians can now get up to RM300 rebate from their respective telcos. These include Maxis, Digi, Celcom, U Mobile, Unifi Mobile, and many more.

Do note that the Jaringan Prihatin program is only catered to those who are eligible for the Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) initiative from the government. If you’re a BPR recipient, here’s how you can get up to RM300 subsidy from different telcos.


Like the other telcos in this list, Maxis’ Jaringan Prihatin program is separated between BPR recipients with or without children. Those who don’t have children are eligible to get RM180 rebate for a brand new device under the Hotlink Postpaid 60 plan or bill subsidy of the same value. Postpaid users will get a RM15 subsidy for 12 months, while prepaid users can claim a RM15 credit every month for 12 months.

For BPR recipients with children, they are eligible for a RM300 rebate instead, but this is only for getting a new device under the Hotlink Postpaid 60 plan; bill subsidy is still only limited to RM180. Nonetheless, anyone who gets the device rebate or bill subsidy will also receive 2GB of free high-speed “Prihatin” internet daily, albeit it’s only valid for one hour.

In order to get the bill subsidy, you can sign up via UMB code or through the Maxis and Hotlink app. If you want to get the RM300 or RM180 rebate instead for a new device, you can register your interest with Maxis over here.


Just like Maxis, Digi offers the same benefits, but there are some notable differences. While the bill subsidy option remains the same at RM180 (RM15 subsidy for 12 months) for BPR recipients with or without children, the device rebate is only for those with children, which is set at RM300.

Aside from that, those who opt to get the bill subsidy or device rebate will receive 2GB of free high-speed data everyday – also limited to an hour – for the next 12 months as well. You can sign up for these benefits with Digi on its official website.


Unlike Maxis and Digi, Celcom actually offers RM300 in device rebate or bill subsidy (RM25 discount for 12 months) for BPR recipients with children; you don’t get the latter option with the two aforementioned telcos. On top of that, Celcom is also giving out extra RM60 rebate for those who are on the XP Lite plan, alongside the free daily 2GB data.

As for BPR recipients without children, Celcom offers the same RM180 bill subsidy or device rebate. You can sign up for the telco’s Jaringan Prihatin program through the Celcom Life app. The full list of device offered by the telco can also be found here.

U Mobile

The bill subsidy for U Mobile’s Jaringan Prihatin program is a little bit more restrictive. Not only is it limited to RM180 (RM15 subsidy for 12 months) – regardless of BPR recipient with or without children – it’s also only applicable to prepaid plans above RM30; postpaid plans have an even higher threshold of RM50.

Thankfully, U Mobile’s device rebate is offered to both BPR recipients with and without children at RM300 and RM180 respectively. The full list of devices and plans offered by the telco can be found here, and those who opt for either the bill subsidy or device rebate will get 2GB of free data (for one hour) every day.

You can sign up for U Mobile’s Jaringan Prihatin program on its website.

Unifi Mobile

Unifi Mobile’s Jaringan Prihatin program is by far the least attractive. Not only does the telco not offer any device rebate, the bill subsidy portion of the program is only applicable to its Unifi Mobile 39 plan. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a BPR recipient with children: only RM180 (RM15 for 12 months) subsidy is given for the plan.

Now, it’s worth noting that Unifi Mobile does offer a “bill subsidy” of sorts for its #BEBASprepaid plan, but this is given in the form of 2GB monthly data, which is said to be worth RM15. Besides that, instead of offering 2GB of daily data like other telcos, Unifi Mobile is giving out 30GB of monthly data for 12 months…for the postpaid Unifi Mobile 39.

What about the #BEBASprepaid plan? Well, for some odd reason, Unifi Mobile is only offering 1GB of data daily for 12 months for that prepaid plan. Needless to say, we would advise against going with Unifi Mobile’s Jaringan Prihatin program, though you can learn more about it here if you’re still curious.

If the telco you’ve signed up with is not covered here, you can head on to its respective website for more information. What do you think? Which telco will you go with? Let us know in the comments section below!