Carian Salvation Pre-Orders Now Open – $295 Custom Keyboard With Leaf Spring Mounting System
April 5, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Salvation, a custom mechanical keyboard by and Salvun – two well-known individuals in the enthusiast keyboard scene – is available for pre-order now. What makes this keyboard particularly attractive is its unique leaf spring mounting system, and for a keyboard of this calibre, it doesn’t cost too much either.

Granted, retailing from $295 for the solderable version – the hotswap model costs an extra $5 – the Salvation is not exactly an “affordable” custom mechanical keyboard. But for that kind of money, you are getting the aforementioned leaf spring mounting system. Not only does it offer a soft typing experience (thanks to the flexibility of the mounting system), it has a very nice sound profile too.

Really, hear for yourself with Alexotos’ sound test below.

Basically, the PCB of the Salvation is “supported by silicon rubber standoffs attached to FR4 (fibreglass) leaf springs mounted to the case.” There are also foam pads underneath the leaf springs to dampen vibration from typing and provide force modulation for a unique typing feel. There’s a brass weight in the bottom case as well to further enhance the typing sound.

Beyond its unique mounting system, the Salvation is a 60% keyboard with an aluminium case and an FR4 plate by default. Five different colours of the Salvation are available: Soul Black, Business Grey, Lightning Silver, Samurai Blue, and Momentum Red. That’s quite a wide selection of colours.

Keen to get the Salvation? You can place your pre-order with the vendors below. To get the best shipping rate, go with the vendor that’s closest to your location.

Salvun (Europe) – 295 euro (VAT included)
NovelKeys (US)  – 295 USD
Keyboard Treehouse (AU/NZ/OCE) – 325 USD (GST included)
Zfrontier (China) – 2,285 Chinese yuan (VAT and shipping included)
Ashkeebs (Canada) – 370 CAD
Ilumkb (SEA) – 425 SGD (GST included)

The Salvation is now available for pre-order until 5 May 2021. It is set to start shipping sometime in Q4 2021, but depending on how many pre-orders are received, this timeline may change. More details on the Salvation can be found right here.