Genshin Impact Tartaglia Banner Revealed With Rosaria, Fischl & Barbara
April 3, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Mihoyo just revealed more details on Tartaglia’s banner in Genshin Impact. Set to go live next week on 6 April, the 5-star character will be accompanied by Rosaria – a new 4-star Cryo character – Fischl, as well as Barbara.

Just like Genshin Impact’s previous character event banners, the “drop rate” of Tartaglia, Rosaria, Fischl, and Barbara will be increased. In the case of Tartaglia, the first 5-star character you get will have a 50% chance to be him. If it’s not him, the next 5-star character you roll is guaranteed to be Tartaglia.

Since Genshin Impact’s pity system ensures that you will get at least one 5-star character or weapon every 90 wishes – depending on which banner you’re rolling – you will have to do 180 rolls for a guaranteed chance to get Tartaglia. The same rule applies to 4-star characters (guaranteed every 10 roll instead), but given that there are three of them featured in the event banner, it’s a little bit more random.

Basically, when you’re guaranteed a 4-star character from the banner, you will get either Rosaria, Fischl, or Barbara. If you’re aiming to get either one of these three characters – especially Rosaria, given that she’s a brand new character – you will likely have to roll a good number of times, depending on your luck.

Tartaglia’s “Farewell of Snezhnaya” banner will go live on Genshin Impact this coming Tuesday on 6 April at 6PM for us here in Malaysia. The banner will be available until 27 April, so there’s plenty of time to collect more Primogems for Tartaglia or Rosaria.