PRISM+ X300 Review: Excellent 200Hz Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor for RM1,299
March 31, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Update 25 May: The price of the PRISM+ X300 has been increased to RM1,299 (from RM1,199) due to the global shortage of electronic components. But at this price point, the X300 still provides good value for money. This review has been updated to reflect this price change.

Budget-friendly gaming monitors are aplenty in the market, but you don’t often see an affordable gaming monitor like the PRISM+ X300. Not only does it have a blazing fast 200Hz refresh rate, it also has a 30-inch 2560 x 1080 curved ultrawide panel – all for only RM1,299.

At this price point, you’d be hard-pressed to look for another monitor with a similar feature set. Of course, the X300 does have a number of shortcomings, and we’ll cover that – along with why it’s still a very attractive gaming monitor – in this review.

What It Is

The PRISM+ X300 is a 30-inch 2560 x 1080 curved (1800R) ultrawide gaming monitor with a fast 200Hz VA panel. If you’re into fast-paced, competitive games like Valorant or Apex Legends, this high refresh rate will ensure that you get good motion clarity to get the competitive edge.

Aside from that, the X300 also supports adaptive sync to eliminate screen tearing, which works with both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. As for connectivity, it has a DisplayPort 1.2 connection, an HDMI 2.0 input, as well as two HDMI 1.4 ports – a generous selection of connectivity options.

At the time this review is published, the X300 retails at only RM1,299 here in Malaysia. That being said, we were told this is a limited time offer, and the price of this monitor could change in the future.

The Good Stuff

Without a doubt the best selling point of the X300 is its high 200Hz native refresh rate. Basically, this monitor can churn out 200 frames per second, so whether I’m playing a fast-paced game or just browsing the web, every single motion on this monitor looks extra smooth. The panel’s 2560 x 1080 resolution also means that modern graphics card can push out enough frames to take advantage of the 200Hz refresh rate.

What about the adaptive sync feature of the X300? To put this to the test, I connected the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 with an Nvidia RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU to this gaming monitor, and as far as I can tell, there’s no noticeable screen tearing. Of course, it’s entirely possible the high 200Hz refresh rate of the panel is masking any screen tearing.

In terms of the X300’s display quality, it’s really quite decent with a good amount of contrast. Now, keep in mind that this is first and foremost a gaming monitor with a VA panel, so it doesn’t offer the most vibrant colours or widest viewing angles – especially in comparison to an IPS screen. But for the most part, it has a decent quality display that will satisfy the average consumer.

Because this is an ultrawide monitor, the X300 has a (surprise surprise) very wide 21:9 aspect ratio as well. This gives you a lot of screen real estate to work with, so not only does games feel more immersive – which is further amplified by the curved nature of the screen – it’s even ideal for productivity tasks. You can have multiple windows displayed at the same time without feeling cramped, for example.

With all of these positives in mind, it’s quite a surprise that the X300 only costs RM1,299 now; you’re really getting your money’s worth. On top of that, this monitor has a three-year warranty with one-to-one exchange too – that’s really good warranty coverage.

The Bad Stuff

Now, even though I said the PRISM+ X300’s screen quality is good enough for the average consumer, there’s obviously still room for improvement. Although a VA panel offers good contrast ratio, it still looks a little washed out, and colours do shift slightly when looking at the screen from an angle. Aside from that, I wish the screen was a tad brighter as well.

Another aspect of the X300 that I don’t quite like is the lack of adjustability. The monitor cannot be swiveled, and there’s no height adjustment either, so it can be a little tricky to get the best viewing angle. That being said, the same can be said of other monitors at this price point. Height adjustment, in particular, is a feature usually reserved for more premium (and costly) gaming monitors.

Is It Worth It?

Despite its shortcomings, the sheer value for money the PRISM+ X300 offers easily make up for them. Not only does it offer a very fast 200Hz refresh rate, its curved, ultrawide panel is also ideal for gaming and work. The wide 21:9 aspect ratio makes for an immersive gaming experience, and I have a lot of screen real estate for productivity tasks as well.

Again, for only RM1,299 – even though this price may change in the future – the X300 is a really, really good buy. If you want a curved ultrawide gaming monitor with a fast refresh rate that gives you plenty value for your money, the X300 is easily one of the best options in the market now.

Keen to get the X300? Then head on to PRISM+’s Malaysian website or its official Lazada store.