Genshin Impact Hit $1 Billion Revenue (on Mobile) in Less Than 6 Months
March 25, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Genshin Impact is proving to be a real success for Mihoyo. According to analyst Sensor Tower, the hit game has achieved an impressive $1 billion revenue in less than six months…on mobile alone. In fact, this is the fastest game to generate this amount of revenue on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store combined.

To put this into context, the extremely popular Pokemon Go mobile game only got to the $1 billion mark in nine months. Sensor Tower further added that the average daily revenue of Genshin Impact stands at around $5.8 million right now, and it spikes considerably when new characters are released.

As per the image above, the introduction of Zhongli sees Genshin Impact’s revenue spike up to a whopping $15.5 million on the first day of the character’s release. This is followed closely by Xiao at $15.1 million, while Ganyu and Hu Tao aren’t that far behind at $14.8 million and $12.9 million respectively.

Again, keep in mind that this $1 billion mark is just Genshin Impact’s revenue on mobile alone. Player spending in Genshin Impact on other platforms, including PC and PlayStation, are not taken into account in Sensor Tower’s report. With this in mind, there’s a good chance the total revenue of the game is quite a bit higher than $1 billion now.

Without a doubt Genshin Impact is an immensely successful game, and this can be attributed to the fact that Mihoyo is continuously updating the game with new characters, events, and features to keep the experience fresh. Check out our other coverage of Genshin Impact to learn more about it, including our long-term review.