KBDfans’ KBD67 Lite R2 Pre-Orders Open March 2021 – Now With Bluetooth & More Colours
February 22, 2021 Andrew Cheng

KBDfans just revealed the second round of pre-orders for the excellent KBD67 Lite budget custom keyboard, and it features a number of improvements. Not only does it come with Bluetooth support now, it will also be offered in a range of new colours, including a bright green shade.

That’s right, there will be a Bluetooth option for this second version of the KBD67 Lite, which will appeal to folks that don’t fancy a wired keyboard. However, a battery is not provided with this model; you will need to purchase this separately for the keyboard to work.

Perhaps in the interest of battery life, the Bluetooth version of the KBD67 Lite won’t feature RGB lighting. It’s also not configurable with VIA or QMK, though it can still be programmed with a software called TMK. Aside from that, this revision of the KBD67 Lite won’t be pre-assembled either, but KBDfans does say that this will allow the vendor to ship the keyboard faster.

Other changes to the second version of the KBD67 Lite include the use of KBDfans’ own screw-in stabilisers instead of Cherry-branded ones, an injection-molded polycarbonate plate (the previous model uses CNC plate), as well as three new colour options: green, grey, and pink. The former is translucent, while the latter two are solid colours.

The second round of pre-orders for the KBDfans KBD67 Lite will be opened sometime in March 2021 next month right here. Prices have not been revealed yet, though it’s safe to assume the Bluetooth version will cost more than the wired one. If you’d like to learn more about this budget-friendly custom keyboard, check out our review of the first KBD67 Lite.