Video: Gazzew Bobagum Review & Sound Test
January 29, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Here it is! Our video review of the Gazzew Bobagum. If you’ve already read our review and can’t quite imagine just how quiet this silent linear switch is, we’ve got you covered. Trust us: the Bobagum is easily one of the quietest (and eye-catching) silent linear switches in the market now.

For this review, we got the 68g version of the Bobagum; the heaviest spring available for the switch. As you’ll see in the video review below, the Bobagum is free of any spring ping or leaf ticking right out of the box. Just like Gazzew’s other switches, the Bobagum also has very tight housing tolerance, reducing any form of stem wobble to a minimum.

If you’re here in Malaysia or Singapore, you can get the Gazzew Bobagum from Pantheon, a vendor based in Singapore. Priced at S$9.50 for 10 switches, you’re paying only about RM3 per switch – that’s quite a good price tag for a switch of this quality.