This Limited Edition PS4 Pro for The Last of Us Part II Looks Amazing
May 19, 2020 Andrew Cheng

Well, this is quite possibly the very last limited edition of the PlayStation 4 Pro system, and it’s made to celebrate what is likely the biggest game in the franchise yet, The Last of Us Part II. Unlike other limited edition takes of the console, this one is quite special: the design is engraved onto the system itself.

That’s right, this limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro has Ellie’s tattoo design physically engraved to the top lid, and it looks stunning. In fact, the whole design of the console actually looks quite understated. Of course, the DualShock 4 controller has the same fern tattoo as well, with The Last of Us Part II’s logo on the touchpad.

Besides the custom PS4 Pro and DualShock 4 controller, PlayStation is also releasing a limited edition Gold Wireless Headset with the same design theme. It has a Steel Black matte finish with contrasting crimson inner ear cups. Ellie’s fern tattoo and the game’s logo are printed on the headband too. Again, it’s quite a minimalist-looking design.

On top of that, PlayStation is also working with Seagate to release the limited edition “The Last of Us Part II Officially Licensed Seagate 2TB Game Drive” – yes, it’s a mouthful. Anyway, it’s a regular hard drive with 2TB of storage and a laser-etched design of Ellie’s tattoo. As far as external hard drives go, it’s really quite a sleek-looking product.

We’re reached out to PlayStation regarding the Malaysian availability of this limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro, and unfortunately, we were told it will not be available on our shores. Instead, only the DualShock 4 and Gold Wireless headset will be sold here for RM279 and RM449 respectively; no word on the local availability of the Seagate drive.

It’s quite disappointing for the limited edition console to not be available here, but we reckon local retailers will import it here. Regardless, the custom DualShock 4 and Gold Wireless Headset can be purchased in Malaysia on 19 June itself, the same day as the game’s release date.

Speaking of which, The Last of Us Part II can now be pre-ordered on the PlayStation Store. The Standard Edition is priced at RM239, while the Deluxe Edition goes for RM299. Those who pre-order either versions will receive a PSN Avatar of Ellie’s tattoo, while the Deluxe Edition adds on a dynamic theme, six more PSN Avatars, as well as the digital soundtrack and mini art book from Dark Horse of the game.