Video: Glorious Panda Switch Review & Sound Test
December 16, 2020 Andrew Cheng

The Holy Panda is easily one of the most popular switches in the custom mechanical keyboard scene, so it’s no surprise then that a lot of “Holy Panda variants” have been released over the years. One of which is this one right here: the Glorious Panda.

But unlike the majority of switches in the market now, the Glorious Panda is far more accessible; at least for us here in Malaysia. Right now, you can get a box of the switch (which include 36 pieces) for RM109. Compared to other Holy Panda-inspired switches, the Glorious Panda is actually one of the more affordable options.

Still not quite sure the Glorious Panda is for you? Then check out the video above and our written review of the switch right here.