Video: PlayStation 5 Unboxing!
December 11, 2020 Andrew Cheng

The PlayStation 5 is officially available in Malaysia today! We were lucky enough to pre-order a unit of the standard model, so if you’re wondering what you get with Sony’s next generation console, here’s our unboxing of the PS5!

What surprised us quite a bit is the sheer size of the PS5, and it’s a pretty hefty console too, tipping the scales at 4.5kg. Unlike its predecessors, the PS5 is actually bundled with a stand, which is actually necessary to lay the console horizontally. The console can actually be propped up vertically without using the stand, but we’d definitely install it for better airflow.

No word yet on future restocks of the PlayStation 5 for the Malaysian market, but we reckon more units of the console will arrive here in the near future; we don’t recommend purchasing the system above retail price from scalpers. To recap, the standard PS5 goes for RM2,299 here, while the PS5 Digital Edition costs RM1,869.